Deodorants In Compostable Packaging!

Our most popular product range. A natural deodorant that really works. Without the messy finger application of most natural deodorants, and without the large amount of plastic waste most other deodorants leave you with.

Acne Treatments

All natural formulation of oils that helps clear up acne problems - especially on the face, neck, and back. This oil has a hidden secret - having remarkable success at stopping new pimples from even coming through if you apply it early enough. Can be paired with our Moisturising Oil for Acne Prone Skin.

Moisturising Oils

A range of luxurious moisturising oils for your face (or anywhere else). Never used an oil moisturiser? Try one out - we hope to convert you! Whether you’ve pretty normal skin, dry skin, even oily skin, we have an oil to suit. Plus a special moisturising oil that is designed to help with acne problems too - it can also be paired with our Acne Treatment Oil.

Natural Perfumes

Crafted entirely from natural ingredients, with a large range of essential oils in each, these are a fabulous alternative to using commercial (mostly synthetic) perfumes that many people have sensitivities to. You too can be fragranced from nature.

Organic Lip Balms

A product in the making and being sold mostly at markets for now. 100% certified organic ingredients - even the flavourings. Formulated to nourish your lips.